Flowing Stone Jewelry reflects the unique creative approach of Marcela Ciupe and Mihai Ciupe's Romanian culture.

 Marcela always loved fashion and has a keen and refined sense of style. She found a perfect medium to express her artistic sensibility in the creative field of jewelry design.


 Since childhood, Mihai had an attraction to texture and shape. He discovered the love of working with his hands by drawing, painting and building models in the studio of his father, a well-known Romanian theatre designer.


Later, while advancing his own theatre design career, his fascination for texture and detail brought him to the field of jewelry design. It just came natural for him to apply his artistic sensibility in creating highly crafted 3D pieces of wearable art.

Marcela and Mihai draw inspiration from dramatic textures found in nature: rocks shaped by water and time, organic patterns and silhouettes of plants, shells and fossils.


For them nature is more than an inspiration; it influences their perception of the world as an ongoing transforming living entity.


Mihai and Marcela’s jewelry effortlessly combines elegance and wearability, balancing current fashions with a timeless style.

Their designs are the integration of emotional and cultural experience, deeply influenced by their Eastern European background.


To this day, it is fascinating for them the way that a single piece of jewelry connects the designer, the hands that made it, and the person who sees it, wears it, and makes it their own.